One World Translation Recruitment


Native/near fluency will be tested in English and your working languages.

Also required are reliable transportation, a valid driver’s license, auto insurance, professional attire, general professionalism, and your own home office. This usually entails at least a cell phone & computer with Internet. A fax/scanner is usually needed, also. We only use locally based staff for interpreting.

If you are a person who has difficulty being on time consistently, or struggle with finding new addresses or driving yourself, this work is not a good match for you as punctuality and consistency are inherent to the daily routine for on-time assignment criteria. We are strict about our policies and protecting our quality reputation.

The position is respected, and is a great utilization of specialized skills and life experience. It is rewarding, fulfilling, interesting and educational. You are highly appreciated by everyone; especially us!

If you already have a full time job or attend school with hours that keep you busy from 8 to 5 on weekdays, then this is not a good match for your right now (mainly applies to Spanish). You are welcome to contact us in the future if your schedule changes.


We are hiring interpreters that possess a certificate of completion from either The Community Interpreter (TCI) or Bridging the Gap (BTG) 40 hour programs, OR a national certification issued by CCHI or NBCMI. OWT conducts testing of skills to assess fluency if you do not hold a certificate. You will be required to enroll in one of the approved courses, at your own expense, within 6 months of your hire date.

We do not accept certificates of training issued through online courses.

Additionally, OWT can make exceptions on a case by case basis to people who possess a University Level Degree in Interpretation or Translation.

Please read all the other tabs on this website before you apply.